Pavel Klenik Client Service Director for both our agencies Lowe Praha & Lowe Open

Pavel Klenik

Pavel is the great-grandfather of our agencies – not because he’s that old, but because his bum has been warming the seats at Lowe Praha & Lowe Open for over 18 years. In that time, he’s handled about 50 different accounts, but he’s ended up on drugs … which are to say, cigarette and alcohol accounts. His favorite brands are Camel, Smirnoff, Hennessy and Gambrinus.

With that kind of experience, there was only one way forward for Pavel – to become Client Service Director as he believes in times of integration, sophisticated TTL using last digital trends.

As with all of these things, nothing can work in a vacuum, everything works better together!

By the way….do you remember a 90’s dance band called “Liquid Harmony”? One of the members was our very own “Bora” Klenik. So for anything you want to know about music or BTL, Bora’s your man!

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